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Local products from the Nature Parc

Sustainable development in the service of the region has led to the creation of a large number of products that are already known and liked far beyond the Nature Park boundaries: tea, herbs, meat, cosmetics and spelt products "vum Séi" (from the lake). Regional, sustainable structures have grown up with the help of various initiatives of the Upper Sûre Nature Park in contrast to the vast structures behind "anonymous", industrially manufactured foodstuffs.

The nature park is holder of the label “vum Séi” and the “vum Séi” products are in general linked to a specification sheet. Such a sheet was so far signed for the following products: “Bléi vum Séi”, “Gebäck vum Séi”, “Spelz vum Séi”, “Téi vum Séi” and “Véi vum Séi”. Other initiatives are e.g. “Buttik vum Séi”, “Duch vum Séi” and “Gourmet vum Séi”.

N.B.: There exists no specification sheet from the nature park for vegetables commercialised as “Geméis vum Séi. Therefore, these products are not controlled by the nature park. The promotion and the sale under the label “vum Séi” of the nature park are illicit.

Téi & Kraider vum Séi (Tea & Herbs from the Lake)

Medicinal plants and other herbs and spices have been grown in the Upper Sûre Nature Park since 1992. The "Kraidergenossenschaft Naturpark Uewersauer" (Upper Sûre Nature Park herb cooperative) was formed in 1993 as part of a LEADER initiative. It is an agricultural cooperative that has concentrated on growing, processing and marketing medicinal and other herbs. The herbs used in the "Téi vum Séi" products come partly from the fields of cooperative members; the rest grow freely in the park.

The plants are cultivated without the use of fertilisers and plant protection products in order to comply with strict regulations regarding nature conservation and environmental protection. The plants are harvested either by machine or by hand. The herbs are then sent directly to the tea-production in Winseler, where they are carefully dried at low temperatures in state-of-the art thermal equipment within a short period in order to preserve essential ingredients and their natural colour before being further processed.

"Téi vum Séi" teas and herbs include:

  • Loose tea: Fitnesstéi (fitness tea), Naturparktéi (Nature Park tea), nettle, elderflower, marigold, lemon balm
  • Loose tea or in teabags: camomile, peppermint, Fitnesstéi, Naturparktéi, Friichtentéi (fruit tea) and Feierowendtéi (finishing time - teabags only)
  • Herbs: savory, estragon, lovage, parsley, sage, thyme, hyssop, Wanseler mixture, Zalot mixture, pizza mixture, grill mixture

Nowadays you can buy "Téi vum Séi" products throughout Luxembourg, for example in "Buttik vum Séi" in Heiderscheid, in the Nature Park shop in Cactus shopping centres, in hotels, restaurants and pharmacies.

Contact for further information and orders:

Kraidergenossenschaft Naturpark Uewersauer
Association agricole
31, Schleef
L-9654 Schleef
Commune Winseler

Tel: +352 26 95 30 72
Fax: +352 26 95 30 76

Bléi vum Séi (Flower from the lake)

The "Bléi vum Séi" cooperative produces pleasant hair and skin care products: cosmetics without any additional preservatives or colouring. The products are made primarily from natural herbs and flowers, oak-bark from the region and essential oils.

A major contributory reason for establishing "Bléi vum Séi" was the excellent quality of the medicinal and other herbs of the herb cooperative "Téi vum Séi". It meant that it was possible to establish a new cooperative after setting up a laboratory and distillation equipment.

The basis for the cosmetics is provided by exploiting essential oils from the Our and Upper Sûre Nature Parks and producing extracts that are indispensable for various cosmetic secondary products. This mainly involves processing bark and a large number of scented plants, e.g. for producing "Bued-Uelig" (bath oil), Nature Park soap and "Loumellen" (Oak-bark sweets). The range of products includes perfume, soap, creams, extracts for steam baths and sauna as well as massage oils.

Contact for further information and orders:

Bléi vum Séi
35, Duerfstrooss
L-9696 Winseler

Spelz vum Séi (Spelt from the Lake)

Spelt (Triticum Spelta) is an ancient grain and is regarded as the oldest form of cultivated grain. Spelt cultivation was reintroduced to the Upper Sûre Nature Park as part of a LEADER II project, since in contrast to other types of wheat the demands with regard to climate and soil are lower and it needs only half the nutrients. Spelt is also known for its robustness, hardiness in winter and low susceptibility to disease. Spelt is currently enjoying something of a renaissance thanks to its nutritional benefits.

The farmers who came together in to form the cooperative "Spelzgenossenschaft Naturpark Öewersauer" in 1997 are concerned with developing direct marketing for spelt products in the Upper Sûre Nature Park. Spelt growers are subject to strict guidelines regarding its cultivation and processing. For example, spelt is grown without any pesticides or fungicides. This is easier since the compact spelt shell firmly envelops the grain, protecting it from external contaminants and fungus.

There is now a wide selection of spelt products available: flour (grey and whole grain), spelt rice, breakfast cereals, pasta in various forms, semolina, schnapps, crisps and chocolate rolls. In addition, spelt is also an excellent filling material for cushions and pillows, breastfeeding pillows and mattress toppers.

Contact for further information and orders:

Spelzgenossenschaft Naturpark Uewersauer
14, rue St Roch
L-9687 Surré
Phone: +352 26 91 71 11
Fax: +352 93 71 5

Duch vum Séi (Cloth from the Lake)

When wool production recommenced, the former cloth factory in Esch-sur-Sûre was returned to its original economic purpose after its final closure in 1975. This not only preserves a valuable cultural and craft-based heritage but also serves to develop it further.

The cloth factory produces exclusive Nature Park rugs as well as other products from high-quality, warming pure new wool.

Contact for further information and orders:

Nature Park Centre
15, route de Lultzhausen
L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre
Phone: +352 89 93 31 1
Fax: +352 89 95 20

Véi vum Séi (Meat from the Lake)

Regional meat specialities are marketed under the name "Véi vum Séi".

The "Véi vum Séi" meat producers located in the park have undertaken a voluntary commitment to husbandry that is both appropriate to the animals and environmentally sound. The project goes back to a LEADER I initiative in 1996 which had the aim of preserving and developing the cultural landscape of the Upper Sûre Nature Park, which has been characterised by family-run farms for centuries. The label certifies that beef, pork, venison and poultry are of outstanding quality.

An independent external inspection agency (PROMAG) monitors compliance with the regulations in accordance with quality standard 45011. Inspections take place in all stages of production: the farm, the abattoir and the butcher’s. There are additional state inspections of beef at the butcher’s that use DNA testing to ensure that the information given about the origin of the animal is correct.

The conditions include:

  • Born and fattened in the Upper Sûre Nature Park region
  • Species-appropriate husbandry (natural light, minimum space per animal)
  • No preventive antibiotics and medicines in food
  • Environmental and water protection measures

Véi vum Séi Butcher's Shop

The "Metzlerei vum Séi" butcher's shop has been part of the "Buttik vum Séi" boutique since 2007 and primarily offers meat bearing this label. Master butcher Joël Quintus and his team ensure expert process and are happy to provided interested customers with information on the quality label. There are special offers depending on the season, and meat parcels weighing 5, 10 or 15 kg can be put together on request and delivered free to the door throughout Luxembourg.


Metzlerei Véi vum Séi (in Buttik vum Séi)
4, am Clemensbongert
L-9158 Heiderscheid
Phone: +352 83 92 19
Fax: +352 26 88 94 94

You can also contact our agricultural adviser for more information:

Frank Elsen
Phone: 89 93 31-218

Gourmet vum Séi

The "cassolette" dishes you find in the "Gourmet vum Séi" restaurants are not only prepared according to traditional Luxembourgish recipes but consist to a large extent of ingredients from farms within the Nature Park.

Buttik vum Séi (Boutique from the Lake)

The "Buttik vum Séi" is a continuation of the first regional shop in Eschdorf, which after ten years no longer met modern demands for selling and working space. Today's "Buttik vum Séi“ (by Pall Center) is a shopping centre that allows local producers to offer the articles they produce themselves at appropriate prices over an area of 400 m2. Overriding priority is given to quality, freshness, regionality and transparency regarding the origin and method of production.

The range offered includes "vum Séi" (meat, spelt products, tea, soap), various articles from other regions in Luxembourg (Our Nature Park, Miselerland, Mëllerdall, Eischtal), Transfair products and a large selection of everyday household items.

The ground floor of the "Buttik vum Séi" consists of the butcher's "Metzlerei vum Séi", the baker's "Bäckerei vum Séi", while the first floor is home to the microbrewery "Den Heischter".

Opening hours:

Mondays – Fridays 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturdays 7 – 5 p.m.
Sundays closed


4, am Clemensbongert
L-9158 Heiderscheid
Phone: 26 88 95 15
Fax : 26 88 95 16

Gebäck vum Séi (Baker's from the Lake)

The bakery "Bäckerei vum Séi" predominantly uses regional products such as spelt ("Spelz vum Séi") and eggs in its tempting pastries, breads, rolls, biscuits and the traditional Baamkuch (layered tree cake).

Bäckerei vum Séi
Jos & Jean-Marie Neuberg
4, am Clemensbongert
L-9158 Heiderscheid
Phone: 89 98 88 (Heiderscheid)
Phone: 88 92 86 (Mertzig)

Other Products from the Nature Park

Heischter Beer

The only beer brewed in the Upper Sûre Nature Park comes as a light (Heischter) or dark (Grënner) variety. The brewery also offers courses on the art of brewing on Fridays and Saturdays and on request.

Den Heischter
4, Bei Clemensbongert
L-9158 Heiderscheid
Phone: +352 89 90 62
Fax: +352 89 94 71