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Agricultural Advice

The main tasks in the area of agriculture in order to meet the aims of the Nature Park, in particular in the context of environmental, soil and water protection as well as regional sustainable development are:

  • Agricultural advice in tune with drinking water protection and the environment (e.g. fertiliser planning, basic advice, erosion, the use of pesticides, intensification of water protection advice).
  • The development of new products and sources of income related to agriculture (e.g. diversification of agricultural products including marketing and distribution).
  • The promotion of a positive image of agriculture in the Nature Park region.
  • Coordination of the ‘Landwirtschftlech Kooperatioun Uewersauer‘ (LAKU).

Frank Elsen has been available as full-time agricultural adviser for all farms in the Nature Park communes since August 2000. He provides support to any farmer requesting help with general or specific problems. The "vum Séi" label products are of course as well looked after.

The main areas of focus for the advice are:

  • Current agricultural legislation (landscape protection, nitrate directives etc.);
  • Fertiliser planning;
  • Nmin analyses;
  • Plant cultivation (fertilisation, crop protection);
  • Awareness-raising for environmentally sound methods of production (agricultural-environmental and biodiversity programmes);
  • Water protection advice.

For more information please contact:

Frank Elsen

Tel. (+352) 89 93 31-218