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History and Organisation


The idea of establishing a Nature Park in the region surrounding the Upper Sûre Reservoir dates back to 1989. The study published that year by the Oekofonds Foundation link to was entitled "De Naturpark Uewersauer – eng Chance fir d’Regioun" ("The Upper Sûre Nature Park – A chance for the region") became reality a decade later. Many inhabitants in the Nature Park communes were already in favour of this aim at the time. At the beginning of the 1990s, the Leader 1 programme with its focus on partnership between communes, the state and local interest groups, gave impetus to decentralising decision-making and development processes. An attempt was made from the very beginning to give priority to a holistic approach networking economic (agriculture, tourism), ecological, cultural and social interests.

The legal procedure to create Upper Sûre Nature Park was initiated by the Managing Committee of SYCOPAN on 27 September 1993. The Grand-Ducal Regulation of 6 April 1999 successfully established the Nature Park together with a trust to manage it.

The Nature Park administration was given a permanent home when the old cloth factory was restored. The Upper Sûre Nature Park office, an information centre, an interactive exhibition devoted to the Nature Park and a museum about cloth production link to Places of Interest are all located under one roof.

An agreement between the state of Luxembourg and the communes situated within the Nature Park provides the legal framework. The agreement runs for a period of ten years after which it is reviewed and can be renewed for a further ten years.

The communes concerned were involved in developing the concept from the very beginning. This democratic approach can still be seen in the legal passages and in the Grand-Ducal Regulation for the creation and administration of future Nature Parks involving local interest groups.

This has resulted over the past few years in a large number of projects and initiatives such as Téi vum Séi, Spelz vum Séi, Véi vum Séi, Gourmet vum Séi, Duch vum Séi, the puppet festival, the sculpture and nature adventure trails, or to the solar-powered boat project. Many people have learnt through countless activities together with the leaders and staff of the Nature Park and the LEADER project to campaign for local interests with sometimes very creative ideas.


The executive commitee of the Upper Sûre Nature Park

Pauly Charles - President
Mathieu Liette - Vice-President
Schank Marco - Membre
Kozlik Thierry - Membre


The Managing Committee of the Upper Sûre Nature Park

The committee is made up of five members from the communes and five members from state ministries.

The Representatives of the Communes

Gaasch Gaby - Commune du Lac de la Haute-Sûre
Daubenfeld René - Boulaide
Schank Marco - Esch-sur-Sûre
Pauly Charles - Winseler
Shinn Raymond - Wiltz

The Representatives of the Ministries

Mathieu Liette - Land use planning
Bonert Françoise - Agriculture
Kozlik Thierry - Environment
Soares Luis – Tourism
Hansen Henri - AGE


The Advisory Board to the Management Committee of Upper Sûre Nature Park

The advisory board (commission consultative) is made up for the following members (as of 2009):

Keiser Amand, Toodlermillen, President, BIONA
Thilmany Marianne, Kaundorf, Amis de St. Pirmin Kaundorf
Roemen-Braun Fabienne, Boulaide, Privatperson Gemeinde Boulaide
Von Loë Winfried, Wahl, Groupement des Sylviculteurs
Streumer Ronald, Esch-sur-Sûre, Privatperson Gemeinde Esch-Sauer
Ihry Paul, Wiltz, ORTAL
Schmitz Marco, Berlé, Privatperson Gemeinde Winseler
Staudt Jean-Paul, Kaundorf, Privatperson Stauseegemeinde
Schreiner Vic, Wiltz, National Liberation Memorial Wiltz
Rockenbrod Frank, Nospelt, National Liberation Memorial Wiltz
Kayser Jean-Pierre, Baschleiden, S.I. Boulaide
Reisen Maggy, Wiltz, S.I. Wiltz
Clesse-L'Ortye Lucien, Eschdorf
Jakobs Arny, Gemeinde Boulaide