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The preservation of the cultural heritage as well as the promotion of cultural events of any kind are very important tasks of the Nature Park. Whether you are interested in photography, movies or sculpture, if working with textiles is your passion, you’re a concert enthusiast or you simply enjoy leaning back with a good book: In the Nature Park of the Upper Sure you will for sure find what you enjoy the most, because we have always something going on.


Up to 200 musicians share the stage for the biennial/triennial Water-Art Festival. Local music organisations as well as famous classical and contemporary musicians perform on stage by the lake over a weekend under the motto "Rock meets Classic".

The annual Maart & Musik event also offers the opportunity for at least some toe-tapping. This is where large and small producers from the Nature Park come together to offer their goods: tea, herbs, noodles, soap, jams, schnapps, brooms, drawings etc. Freshly made food and cool drinks complete the offer, usually in the friendly surroundings of a traditional barn.

Textile Art

The old cloth factory in Esch-sur-Sûre is ideally suited to stage an exhibition of modern craftsmanship in the rooms once devoted to traditional textile production. Domestic and foreign textile artists have been showing their work in an annual exhibition since 2002, in part in combination with modern design techniques.

2002: Tapestries – Lina-Andrea Dippel

2003: Colour impressions/woven works and hand-made carpets – Peter Horn, Ute Gayk, Berta Knab, Gisela Gräning

2003/2004: Felt exhibition – Susanne Kiener, Annette Quentin-Stoll, Ines Ulbrich, Birgit Vogler, Elisabeth Weissensteiner

2004: Wall hangings – Franziska Kurth

2005: Graphic/textile – Renée Trovarelli (F)

2006/2007: Tufted carpets – Nela Merz

2009/2010 Sofia's bridal gown – Ingrid Eggimann-Jonsson, Maria Lehner, Anna Leutert, Mäti Müller, Marlies Niemeyer, Madeleine Siegenthaler, Beate Stürmer, Herta Wiechmann, Ursula Zettel, Sabine Hermann-Michels

2011/2012: colour+material= dyestuff / Quilt exhibition – Heide Stoll-Weber, Christine Brandstetter, Heike Dressler

2012: Sascha, Ingrid and the ogre / Crochet works – Jürg Benninger (CH)

2012/2013: A retrospective / Tapestry - Inge Flierl (D)


There are sculptures that blend in with the landscape at Bilsdorf, Lultzhausen and Insenborn.

Only in summer 2011 were new figures created in Insenborn as part of the "Waasserzeechen" project, including the colourful "Communal table", an artistic work created in several workshop by the inhabitants of the commune of Neunhausen under the supervision of Uli Lindow, and the sculpture "House by the sea in the clouds" by Volker Tiemann. What is special about the creative work of the German artist Uli Lindow is that he involves the local population. The motifs that now adorn the 10 colourful pillars along the way from the community hall to the jetty for the solar-powered boat were created under his supervision as part of his stele project in the 2007 Year of Culture. A stele can also be found in Neunhausen and in Lultzhausen. Uli Lindow's creative plans have also had a major influence on the renovation of the village church. Small individual works of art are concealed in an overall piece extending from the entrance, through the colour design of the walls and the choice of motifs for stained-glass windows through the altar.

The figures carved in stone in Lultzhausen form a part of the Road of Peace. In 1999 the Luxembourg sculptor Bertrand Ney invited five international sculptors to organise a sculpture symposium in cooperation with the Upper Sûre Nature Park, the commune of Neunhausen and associations from the village. The sculptures give the already varied contours of the landscape additional accents. (Participants were Georg Ahrens (D), Jaak Hille (B), Ton Kalle (NL), Bertrand Ney (L), Sybille von Halem (UK) und Kyriakos Rokos (GR).)

A further sculptor symposium had already taken place in Bilsdorf as part of the 1995 Year of Culture. The overall artistic project was made possible by sculptors Florence Fréson (B), Bertrand Ney (L), Paul Schneider (D), Anne-Marie Klenes (B), Eileen Mc Donagh (IRL), Uli Gsell (D), Thomas Link (D) and Uli Lindow (D).


Photography is one of the most expressive means of capturing the landscapes and regional characteristics of the Upper Sûre Nature Park and of making it known beyond its geographic borders. Each year many amateur photographers take up the challenge of capturing the region's many different scenic attractions, or even a single detail, in a picture as part of the annual open campaign "Nature Park calendar".

Professional photographers are also drawn to the park time and again. Their achievements are accessible to the general public partly through exhibitions and also through illustrated books.

Guy Hoffmann, for example, took impressive photographs to illustrate the books "Luxemburg Kulinarisch" and "Eist Éislek".

Raymond Clement has become the "Nature Park photographer" for the Our and Upper Sûre Nature Parks through his illustrated books ("De Séi an der Bléi" (2001) and "Öewersauer & Our" (2011).

Pierre Haas also uses images to document cultural activities and what goes on in the Nature Park countryside throughout the year.


The Nature Park, in particular the dam reservoir, provided the main backdrop for the Belgian film "Les géants" directed by Bouli Lanners. The film's narrative style varies between drama and comedy, reflecting the experiences of three adolescents during a summer of boredom, fun, adventure and the serious side of life.

The documentary film "Bauereblues" (The farmer's blues) from the young Luxembourg director Julie Schroell is also well worth seeing. It takes an entertaining look at the way agriculture has developed in Luxembourg and the problems farmers are facing in a supposedly ideal rural environment. The main characters include farmers and the agricultural consultant from the Upper Sûre Nature Park.


The villages of the Nature Park and the dam reservoir feature in both fiction and non-fiction literature. The former President of the Upper Sûre Nature Park, current Minister with responsibility for the environment and housing, Marco Schank, has published a large number of books, including several editions of his detective novels which are strongly influenced by the natural and cultural features of the region. These and other works are published in German, Luxembourgish and French by a publishing house located in Esch-sur-Sûre: Op der Lay

The main focus in the field of non-fiction is how the region deals with the past and the idiosyncrasies of the communes of the Nature Park, e.g. Kaundorf and Harlange.

You will find a selection of these books in the Nature Park Centre shop.

A visit to the library in Eschdorf is recommended for avid readers. It is a public library offering a choice of books from various areas: Fiction, Luxembourg subjects, art books, non-fiction, works of reference, books for children and young people as well as literature on cassette and CD. There is also the possibility to lend books from other libraries in the country.

The library in Eschdorf organises regular talks and readings for adults and children.

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