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The Nature Park by Bike and on Horseback

You can discover the diversity of the Nature Park enjoyably on horseback or from a bicycle saddle, admittedly combined with a little effort. You can find a detailed selection of possible tours and a large amount of useful information using the geographic information system at

The Upper Sûre Nature Park by Bicycle

Hilly routes through the woods and on the road provide a challenge for proficient racing cyclists and mountain bikers. A flat and therefore easy and almost car-free asphalt cycle path follows a disused railway through the Nature Park region connecting Wiltz and Bastogne.

Maps and information are available at the Nature Park Centre (Mountain Bike Luxembourg, Velo Tour Luxembourg, Luxembourg by cycle).

You will find selected cycle routes for the entire country under

If you choose not to bring your own bike with you, you can always hire one from Hotel de la Sûre or from the campsite "Im Aal".

E-Bike Rental

Discovering the Upper-Sûre Nature-Park by bike? Due to the topography, this is not so easy for untrained legs. But with our new E-Bikes this is going to be a piece of cake now! The powerful electric engines of these bikes are supporting you while pedalling in a way that even the toughest mountains can be conquered. Come visit us and try this new way of enjoying the Nature-Park!

We composed more than 160 km of tours for you, with the aim to avoid a maximum of car traffic. You get free maps for these tours at the Nature Park Centre. The tours lead partly over non-paved, but well doable roads. The bikes we rent are trekking-bikes with a range of more than 80 km.

Price: ½ day: 15€

1 day: 20 €

Lucembourg Card: free

We have free helmets at the reception of the Naure Park Centre.

Unfortunately it is not possible to rent an e-bike during the weekend (saturdays and sundays) because breakdown service is not ensured during these days.

The Upper Sûre Nature Park on Horseback

There is a set of tourist maps available as a suitable basis for planning a horseback tour of the Nature Park. The four maps in the set contain detailed descriptions of accommodation for riders and horses together with plans of the riding routes (more than 120 km) and information on places of interest. (Available from the Nature Park Centre in Esch-sur-Sûre for €10)

There is accommodation for riders and horses in Harlange, Bavigne, Boulaide, Doncols, Pommerloch, Mühle von Tadler, Eschdorf, Liefrange, Wiltz, Weidingen, Arsdorf and Bilsdorf.